2017 Brand New Page


It has been a while since the last update of JermainePaulFan.com Let us say that it was a busy period and well not much time to keep track. We never stopped playing his music and enjoying his voice! But looking to the views of this page and all the subscriptions at JermainePaulFan.com neither did you! The whole page is updated and ready for 2017, even if all you subscribed during the last period, we did decide to take off the members part and have it all open!

Speaking about Jermaine Paul

After the Voice his version of “I Believe I can Fly” reached number 83 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “Soul Man” with coach Blake Shelton reached almost the top 100 (#108). Unfortunately “I Believe In This Life” was not the succes as hoped from (I guess) the record label. To be honest I don’t think that was the correct direction to go with. A lot of Auto-Tune for his great voice, it’s just like a speedlimiter in a Ferrari. As an outsider it felt like if they wanted to make quick a lot of money with Jermaine. But hey! From 2012 until 2014, he performed at Palaia Vineyards, the Apollo Theatre, and The Cutting Room.

Did you already heard “I Believe I can Fly” with the Summertime Choir and Jermaine Paul at his best! His beautifull voice and the Summertime Choir, just nailed this performance of “I Believe I can Fly”. Just listen for yourself and play the video below and I know for sure you want to hear more of Jermaine Paul!

Album release

I can only guess what the reason is, that we do not have a debut album yet. Looking to the music Jermaine wrote before the Voice, most likely the record label was not ready for so much SOUL. I still believe it is a matter of time and we will hear a lot more again from Jermaine Paul and if you can not wait: You can order your tickets for the 3th of December 2017 @ Theater at North.